A couple of friends of mine needed to generate a little extra income on top of their wages. They were both into keep fit and enjoyed working out. They decided to supplement their income by becoming part-time fitness instructors.

They had to do a course that lasted less than six months and taught them the basics of keep fit. They both enjoyed doing the course and made some great friends along the way.

The money is good, and they keep fit at the same time! One teaches spinning on the stationary bikes whilst the other does aerobics classes. They both benefit from free membership in the gym they teach in.

If you are good with your hands and into DIY then why not become a part-time handyman? Busy people nowadays just never get round to fixing that faulty cupboard and the money that they are willing to pay for odd jobs is not that bad either for a couple of hours work.

Start-up costs are very low as long as you have the full range of basic tools. Most people who start out working part-time find that this can easily turn into a full-time occupation!

Do you enjoy gardening? This is a great little earner if you do not mind getting your hands dirty especially enjoyable if you find someone rich with a beautiful garden! The only problem with this business is that work dies away in the winter months.

A mobile car wash can be a nice earner and if you buy all the equipment it can be very easy to clean many cars in a short time. Pick one or two streets and whiz around a couple of times a week.

You will need to buy a van with some specialist tools and carry your own water on board. Starts up costs are higher than other part-time businesses and therefore this business demands a lot more careful planning.

A photography business can be run from home and it is easy to make a decent income. Digital cameras are so good now that you do not even need a dark room to process your pictures. Start off with the usual weddings and birthday parties. Take pictures of all the landmarks in your city.

More websites are being created every day and all of them need some images. Speak to web designers and take pictures to their specifications. Online networks are expanding rapidly and people need portrait pictures. Demand for head and shoulders shots is massive.

The great thing about the photography business is that you can take pictures all the time. You do not have to be in work mode to snap away! It is easy to build a huge collection of images and showcase your work on a website. Start-up costs are now very low and this business can become extremely lucrative once you have built up a collection of images.

Do you have any ideas for a part-time business that can help to provide additional cash flow for people struggling to pay the bills?

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